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The Black Cultural Society

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Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia

The Black Cultural Society

The Society for the Protection and Preservation of Black Culture in Nova Scotia (better know as the Black Cultural Society) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1977. The Society consists of a 26 member Board of Directors, representing various Black communities in Nova Scotia with one representative of the African United Baptist Association.

The sod turning ceremony for the Black Cultural Centre took place on April 24, 1982, seventeen months later the Centre was officially opened on September 17, 1983. Many events have taken place at the Centre, such as cultural portrayals in the form of music, plays, concerts, as well as educational activities in the form of workshops, lectures and guided tours. Programs of the Black Cultural Centre extend beyond its doors to the broader community of Nova Scotia. This outreach is achieved through cultural events across Nova Scotia.

The genesis of the Black Cultural Centre lay in a proposal put forward in 1972 by Reverend Dr. William Pearly Oliver for the creation of a Cultural Educational Centre to meet the needs and aspirations of the Black Communities of Nova Scotia. Today the Centre fulfils its role by partnering with outer organizations to present its programs year-round.

Examples of Partnerships and Cooperative Events with other organizations

  • ANSMA — African Nova Scotian Music Association — shared space and shared events
  • AUBA — African United Baptist Association — shared space and shared events
  • HAAC — Health Association of African Canadians — shared space and shared resources
  • Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage — Support for the museum aspects of the Black Cultural Centre
  • RCMP — Supporter of exhibits on police careers and also participation in events
  • Halifax Police Department — Supporter of exhibits on police careers and also participation in events
  • School Board — We welcome approximately 100 school student group visits to the Centre each year for fun filled exploration of Nova Scotia’s African heritage, culture and history
  • BLHS — Black Loyalist Heritage Society — joint events

Programs and Services conducted at the Centre

  • Black Heritage Museum exhibits and display
  • Special Exhibits
  • School Tutoring
  • Community recognition event — Wall of Honour
  • Seniors Projects
  • Special recognition Events — (for example, Willie O’Rhee)
  • Showcase for Black performers

Events outside the Centre

  • Black Battalion recognition at Pictou waterfront – July

The Black Cultural Society is incorporated under Nova Scotia legislation, known as the Black Cultural Society act of 1977.

The Centre is supported by the Nova Scotia Department of Communites Culture and Heritage, and through donations and membership.

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