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2023 marks 40 years of operations at the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia, which started with humble beginnings, decades ago to now being known Internationally. In 1983 when the Centre opened its doors, it was a unique idea and became Canada’s first and largest Cultural Centre and Provincial Museum dedicated to Black History and Culture. Today some 40 years later it still remains the same. The largest and oldest provincial museum dedicate to Black Culture and Heritage in the birthplace of Black Culture and Heritage in Canada. 

Over the past 40 years the Black Cultural Centre has had a front row seat to the evolution of Black Culture and Heritage in Canada. This was achieved through the many events, programs and research projects that began at the Centre and the perseverance of a people who wanted to ensure their history was preserved and shared.

- Expanded Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia
– Expanded Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia

we changed the future
for Black Canadians.
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we can do it again.

During this our 40th Anniversary we are pleased to celebrate and honour Black History like never before in new and exciting ways to elevate the Centre to a National Black Culture and Heritage Centre of Excellence in Canada. Recently we launched a Foundation to aid in major fundraising efforts, called the Black Culture and Heritage Foundation of Canada. This year the Centre will host a series of events and programs to support our efforts to expand the facility through a major capital project that will include community use space, a dedicated theatre and archival storage for our ever-expanding precious museum collection.

We seek your assistance and support to continue the work that was started decades ago go to protect, preserve, and promote an important part of our shared history. We invite you to be a part of something special that is happening in our province that will reach the country.

Some of the ways you can become involved and support the work of the Centre, is to become a champion for the cause, we have launched a unique program called 40 for 40, which is 40 leaders and influencers from across Canada that support the ideas of the Black Cultural Centre and will stand with us as allies as we move towards the next chapter. Join our honorary member Senator Donald Oliver with founding member Elder Dr. Wayne Adams along with Canadian Bay Street tycoon and CBC Dragon’s Den Member Wes Hall of the Black North Initiative, and Businessman Gregg Keating to name a few.  

40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary Events

Sept. 14th – Business Luncheon with Wes Hall – Halifax Marriott Waterfront

Sept. 15th – NIA Black Youth Summit in partnership with NS Human Rights Commission

Sept. 16th – 40th Anniversary Banquet & Celebration

Sept. 17th – Church/Religious Event